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Wednesday 7 July 2010

17; My Little Sony

For the last couple of days I've been playing with various toys and a friend's digital camera. This is the result:

My Little Sony from Anthony Lewis on Vimeo.

If it's not obvious, it's a parody of a series of adverts. Everything is better in miniature:
Cadbury: Gorilla, Eyebrows, Airport Race.
French Connection: The Man
Skoda: Car Cake
Innocent Smoothies: Rabbit 
And the running theme: Sony Bravia: Bouncy Balls

I've chosen these ads purely because they are all very recognisable, memorable and parody-able, and made by Fallon. As I mentioned the other day, I went to a talk by a couple of guys from fallon the other day, and that's when I thought of making this video. It was mostly an easy way of helping to choose which ads to reference, and it really does show how high profile, entertaining & varied one agency's work can be.

Probably more on this tomorrow, and I'll hopefully add a higher quality version at some point (although it was all taken on a fairly ordinary digital still camera, so the quality will never be great).

Also, thankyou Rachel for baking, giving me the camera and collecting up the balls.

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