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Monday 26 July 2010

Aa; lots of stuff

Quick note about my numbering system: I've been labelling posts about things I've actually made or created with numbers, and posts that are just links to other stuff or wordy opinions etc have been labelled with a letter. It turns out that this was either short-sighted, or that my expectations were too low. I have now got through the alphabet... 
This post is therefore Aa, in a pathetic attempt to persevere with my flawed, useless numbering system.

Lots that I've found over the weekend:
First, totally irrelevant to the usual theme of the blog, so I'm just mentioning it very quickly. The Voice Project has some very nice songs, apparently for a good cause. Nice music.

Second is this. I want it:
Funny, clever, interesting, great.

Two nice animations. One very simple, but very entertaining:
Elvis Presley- King Creole from BillCanoni on Vimeo.

and two a bit of "3d graffiti". Some people complain that this sort of thing defeats the point of graffiti and the culture that created this sort of image, but I think this is just an interesting way of expressing a great style of art:
3d graffiti - 'After from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.

And now something actually thought provoking. A talk from Starbucks about their hugely successful social strategy. For me, the most significant thing from this is the importance of interaction to communication in a digital world. It's not just about sending a message out, but about incorporating your consumers, involving them and listening to the things they are saying. The variety of the strategies employed, combined with the consistency of the underlying philosophies has built a fantastic communication history and network:

That's all folks (sorry it's so long today...)

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