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Tuesday 23 November 2010

#92; An assortment of crap

Been a while since the last post so I've got a lot of stuff to stick up here, which I'm just going to rattle through.

First, if you like comic books/comic book art, check out Two Page Spread. Showcasing great comic book artists in double page spread form. Really cool:

I like this ad:

Andreas Nilsson - SPP "Live Now" from BLDG//WLF on Vimeo.

As creative review points out, it's a very standard and common idea, but executed very nicely.

This video is surprisingly awesome. Break dancing to (great) classical music:

I've tried a variety of productivity helping tools and blogs etc. This one is as good as any of them.

This video is one of the very first film animations. I couldn't make this today. It's really cool, considering when it's from:

Typographic beauty (shop, website, making of):

The consistently entertaining and good blog, ITIABTWC, just finished a really good "hall of fame" of ads from recent (&not so recent) years. Go check it - here are some of my favourites from his selection:
Ok, enough stealing videos from someone else's site.

This is nice, isn't it:

Finally, a brief rant about Apple. If you went onto the Apple site a few days ago there was one big message saying "tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget." That should've meant a new thing like an ipad but better, like an iHover (yes, that would be some sort of white personal hovering transport thing). But instead Apple revealed that the Beatles' music is now available from iTunes. The Beatles were/are great, and this was obviously a big deal for apple, but they seem to have confused their personal triumph with things that other people care about. All that music has been readily available to everyone who wants it for ages. Don't big up stuff that people don't care about, because it makes you look stupid. That's what I think, anyway. 

Vomit over, I'm done for now. 

Friday 12 November 2010

#91; Type, OKgo, etc

I might have posted these before, and they may not be of any interest to anyone else, but I love these archives of hand painted type and street signs etc. This one (click here) is best, and there's also this one, too (click here). Here's some of my favourites:

Ok Go have plopped out another wicked cool video. Their videos make me hate all of the standard music videos even more. Why aren't more music videos clever and inventive like this? hmph. Toast, animated:

Which just reminded my how much I liked the one with the dogs:

I also like this map. When you order it you get it in two colours. I think it's nice. I would like one.

Also, go here for some clever images, here to encourage Omar (clever interactive special Olympics promo), here for yet more Old Spice rip-offery - this time with boobs, and here for wickedawesomegreatness.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

#90; Zombigotchi!

I like this little video, promoting a new iphone game:

Zombigotchi! from Michael Please on Vimeo.

You can make your own here

Friday 5 November 2010

#89; Two weeks' worth of things

To repeat the same old excuse, I've been crazy busy with all of this Biology Degree rubbish, so haven't posted anything for two weeks now. So much for the original plan of posting every day...

Anyway, here's a selection of new ads etc that I quite like.

First, check out this website for a Monet exhibition in Paris. It's beautifully done. Click on the "journey". Very nice:

New Skoda Ad. Remember that advert where they make a full size car out of cake? They've released an update. I went to a talk by someone from Fallon (the agency behind this) the day before it's release to the industry, so saw it early. I felt like a "industry insider" for at least 3 minutes. Exciting stuff.

Another follow up - remember this great word association video? They've updated it, using just Youtube footage. It's not particularly an improvement on the original, but it does show that clever ideas are as important as technical know-how and fancy filming.

Re:WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

And on the subject of word play, Scrabble ad anyone?

Scrabble : THE BLOCK PROJECT from paranoid on Vimeo.

Update: Go look at these incredible migration photographs. Nature photography at it's best from the always brilliant Big Picture.