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Friday 5 November 2010

#89; Two weeks' worth of things

To repeat the same old excuse, I've been crazy busy with all of this Biology Degree rubbish, so haven't posted anything for two weeks now. So much for the original plan of posting every day...

Anyway, here's a selection of new ads etc that I quite like.

First, check out this website for a Monet exhibition in Paris. It's beautifully done. Click on the "journey". Very nice:

New Skoda Ad. Remember that advert where they make a full size car out of cake? They've released an update. I went to a talk by someone from Fallon (the agency behind this) the day before it's release to the industry, so saw it early. I felt like a "industry insider" for at least 3 minutes. Exciting stuff.

Another follow up - remember this great word association video? They've updated it, using just Youtube footage. It's not particularly an improvement on the original, but it does show that clever ideas are as important as technical know-how and fancy filming.

Re:WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

And on the subject of word play, Scrabble ad anyone?

Scrabble : THE BLOCK PROJECT from paranoid on Vimeo.

Update: Go look at these incredible migration photographs. Nature photography at it's best from the always brilliant Big Picture.

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