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Sunday 16 October 2011

#144; videos

No science, just frivolous visual treats today. Perfect for a lazy sunday morning.

I love this - little monsters of the forest:

HAERSKOGEN from David Luepschen on Vimeo.

Really nice fan-made intro titles for tintin:

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.

And this is a fascinating video about photojournalism. A photographer puts those dramatic, shocking conflict images into perspective:

Photojournalism Behind the Scenes [ITA-ENG subs] from Ruben Salvadori on Vimeo.

Sunday 9 October 2011

#143; Visualisation

Some links for your Sunday viewing pleasure:

First up, for the dweeby design-lovers of you, "A roundup of the nicest figures recently published in scientific journals." Simple concept, but really highlights just how good some of the visualisation in science are:
On visualising the predictive accurace of a breast cancer screening test:

and recurrent mutations in leukemia. Nice website.
VIA @m_wall, VIA


Next up: a bizarrely interesting collection of letterheads. Sounds boring, but it's strangely absorbing. 


You are not so smart. This is a very well made promo. I love the animation, the ideas are interesting, and the phrasing is all very nice. Future Me and Now Me never get along. This is why:


Finally, the definitive guide to getting a seat on the train. Vital life skills:
The Overground train arrives and dazed commuters spill on to the platform. Everyone stands aside to let them pass. But this act of kindness is the exception, not the rule. Once you all step into the carriage the competition for seats begins. You are now in a theatre of war.

And don't forget to keep checking out the goings on at The Periscope Post - my latest nuggets of news have been on the "world-changing" Siri & iPhone 4S, cancerous blowjobs, Denmark's "fat tax", and the delightful Human Centipede 2, as well as some James Bond rumours, a Johnny English review, a heap of Steve Jobs stuff and a bunch of other things. Go have a nibble on on the best "viewspaper" around.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

#142; Get your headphones out.

Set aside the next 10-15 minutes, plug your headphones in, hit full screen, and watch these three videos. Great images, beautifully arranged, and one of those voices you just can't help but trust and be inspired by. I love this shit:





Then go and watch the Sagan videos, too, because they're even better.


On a more personal and less interesting note, I'm interning at The Periscope Post at the moment, which means lots and lots of rapid writing and subbing. Some of the work so far has been on the new ozone hole, the Ig Nobels (which I think are a fantastic thing) and the real Nobels. Eventually I'll put up a full list of all the articles, but for now I'm posting them on my twitter as I go. Go check it out if you're interested.