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Friday 12 November 2010

#91; Type, OKgo, etc

I might have posted these before, and they may not be of any interest to anyone else, but I love these archives of hand painted type and street signs etc. This one (click here) is best, and there's also this one, too (click here). Here's some of my favourites:

Ok Go have plopped out another wicked cool video. Their videos make me hate all of the standard music videos even more. Why aren't more music videos clever and inventive like this? hmph. Toast, animated:

Which just reminded my how much I liked the one with the dogs:

I also like this map. When you order it you get it in two colours. I think it's nice. I would like one.

Also, go here for some clever images, here to encourage Omar (clever interactive special Olympics promo), here for yet more Old Spice rip-offery - this time with boobs, and here for wickedawesomegreatness.

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