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Wednesday 21 July 2010

w; films

Just a quick recommendation of two films I've seen this week.

First, go and see Inception (then read this fairly interesting related article from the New Scientist). It's great to see a large scale big budget blockbuster with this much originality, complexity, sophistication and boldness. It shows what can be gained from letting a proven and successful director off the leash. Great entertainment, and maybe leads the way for more like this.

Then, go see Toy Story 3, just because it's brilliant. Incredible that 3 films in you care more than ever for the characters, when in 99% of sequels (and 99.9% of threequels) you can't help but lose interest and love. Rarely have I been made so genuinely happy by a film. With emotion, humour, and action-film worthy adventure scenes, this is top-notch story telling.

That is all.

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