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Friday 13 August 2010

Ak; Music & words


First, remember when I half-heartedly made this one morning? well, I had vague intentions to expand on that idea, but it seems someone already has... and much better than I ever would have. Check it:
Your favourite books, as a text poster but, illustrated with white space. Brilliant.

Then take a peak at the Levi Pioneer Sessions. Some really nice tunes, and another example of brands recognising the cultural power of music. Red bull are very well known for this, and who could ignore O2. At the agency I'm interning at at the moment this is something that recent pitches to "cool" brands almost always seem to include. Cultural groups are so often defined by the music they listen to. When I was younger, the "Grunge" (Skater-ish) kids listened to certain music, while "Indie kids" are a force unto themselves these days, with the core unifying source that groups them together being the music they listen to. Getting at potential consumers via music is all over the place, and on the up, regardless of any fears of a suffering music industry (a fear which, for different reasons, I believe to be entirely unfounded).

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