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Sunday 29 August 2010

#66; Two Good Things

Two good things that I thought were worth mentioning today.

First, Longshot Mag has just finished Issue 1. This was formerly the 48hr magazine, which I may have mentioned last time around. Basically, in exactly 48 hours a theme is released, people from around the world submit content in the form of photography, written articles, infographics and illustrations, and it is edited, designed, and published. It is done with such a brilliant well-spirited attitude, and produces such great material that I am a huge fan. This time round the them was Comeback (perhaps a not-so-subtle reference to the troubles they had after the first issue as 48hr mag), and will be available soon. I advise getting on their mailing list and being ready and raring to go to submit something for their next issue. I know I will be.

The other Good Thing I wanted to point you in the direction of is Coudal's Layer Tennis. On Friday afternoons, two talented creatives pass back and forth a photoshop (or similar) file, and take turns working into what their opponent did next. This is all published live, so every 15 minutes a new image gets posted up, along with a bit of commentary. The file goes back and forth, and the ideas grow and develop as the two players battle it out for the votes of the viewing public.
Again, the reason I love this is that it's great, light-hearted fun. Genuine, innocent enjoyment of today's technology in a creative and exciting way. Well worth tuning in this Friday.

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