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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Af; Bad Handle, nice logo

First, a complaint. I saw this on one of those "interesting design" sites, with the title "creative toolbox handle design":
I usually really like the things that follow titles like "creative handles, chairs, lamps, coathangers" etc, because they show a fresh and exciting or useful new approach to something. This initially seems the same, but for me the fact that as soon as you remove the hammer you lose the handle makes this totally ridiculous. I love a good toolbox, but it seems to me that very often you might not have the hammer inside the box while you move it. This layout doesn't particularly save space, and is a gimmick that will ultimately make the box less practical. As soon as you try to move it without the hammer in it, it becomes harder to carry than a normal box. Rubbish.

On a totally separate note: Interesting debate going on over at Brand New about this logo:

I personally really like it. I agree with some of the comments that the circle hasn't been formed in the most careful or considered way, and may have benefited if the bubbles made the circle naturally, rather than being cut off at the edges, but I think it is in general powerful, nicely executed and attractive. I'm a fan. What I'm not a fan of is "Year of Youth". That seems to shout to me "Events organised by adults, for other adults to make their "youths" go to". One of the commenters makes the point that no young people call themselves youths. I think that's true. I get the feeling that as soon as the organisers spotted a bit of potential alliteration they got all excited and didn't consider that if they want to appeal to young people, Youths isn't the best word. 

Maybe that's just me. I've never liked that word - maybe it's just personal. I still like the logo. 

(actually, a look at the associated website changes my opinion of the whole campaign... It may be that the whole thing isn't aimed at kids at all, but is really for the decision makers and grown-ups, judging by the tone of the website design. That would mean my complaint about the "Year of Youth" title is a little less valid. Either way, relatively nice main image, but the rest of it -website, typography etc - lets it down).

My uneducated ramblings for the day are done. To make up for all of that twaddle, check this out for more of this:

'Till tomorrow (or the next day... I concede that "Ant Every day" is a slight exaggeration)

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