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Friday 20 January 2012

#153; Videos

Watch this video. It's a trailer for "Getting Up". I'm a huge fan of graffiti & street art. It's not often that that interest falls in line with amazing innovation and scientific progress, but this looks like an incredible story:

VIA Wooster

While I was at university I did a research project on bird flight using video cameras strapped on pigeons' backs (you can read it all here, if you're that way inclined), but the jerky, grainy footage I was using didn't quite match up with what you see in this clip, from BBC's new(ish) series, Earthflight. They've managed to get some stunning footage, and although the actual series itself isn't quite as entertaining as i'd hoped, this is remarkable:

On a related note, Wired have a great gallery of amateur high-speed flight clips. This is my favourite, but go check out the whole gallery:


Continuing the theme of beautiful videos of nature, take a look at Drew Berry's animations of the unseen beauty of biology:

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