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Thursday 17 June 2010

#c; 1 Question

Back to posting links/videos since I don't have time to do real things...

This video is interesting. First, watch this:

Fifty People, One Question: London from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Now decide what you think. By far the most interesting thing about this video, is the responses. Look over the comment thread below the video at

Opinion seems to fall, very broadly, in one of two schools: Either, "this film is great. Such a probing question -emotional, and moving" or, "this film is a bit ridiculous. It is over-done and self important; its question isn't really all that poignant or emotional, and this question really isn't going to change the world or people's lives."

There are clearly many people who have watched this and felt very moved and touched - there's several people who have been brought to tears. When I watched it, I admit I definitely responded to the film in some way. But, on considering it, I think I'd fall closer to the sceptical opinion of this. For me, this video is much more a great example of how good editing, nice photography and careful music choice can afford an average video the illusion of quality. I would be interested to see the same video filmed on a video phone and editing with less leading emotionality. In a sense, I wonder if this is the equivalent of using incredible CGI in a blockbuster film with no real substance - after about 30 minutes of robots fighting you need a bit more, but will happily enjoy the spectacle for a while.

I'm not at all attacking this video - I genuinely enjoyed it, and it is quite powerful. However, I think it works as a great illustration of just how powerful the potential of video is. The right medium, used cleverly, can work wonders. 

Once these exams are over, I'm definitely gonna learn me some video editing...

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