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Saturday, 5 November 2011

#146; Silver lining

I'm ill. Truth be told, I don't respond well to being sick. I pretty much crumble at the first hint of a sniffle, and I'm now suffering from a full-on case of the snuffles. Bad times, I assure you, but if there's any positive news to take from my near-death condition, it's that I've finally got round to absorbing a few things on my "to-watch" list. Here are some gems that have risen out of my snot-filled misery:

First, the latest fantastic nature programme, Frozen Planet. The whole thing is brilliant, and this clip here is  the perfect example. Frozen Planet has more comedy than most sitcoms and far more drama than Eastenders - brilliant.


Next, if you have an hour to spare, watch this talk from the co-creator of GOOD, Casey Caplowe. GOOD is my absolute favourite website, and a great magazine, that fuses engaging and educational information with actionable endeavours to improve the world. This talk outlines the thinking behind the organisation. Particularly interesting is the part where he talks about profit; GOOD isn't a charity, and it is trying to make a profit. I love the philosophy that making money and doing good don't have to be enemies. Anyway, although Caplowe has that unforgivable problem of lifting his voice at the end of every sentence, making each statement a half-question, it's all interesting stuff, and the opening mantra of "love it or fix it" is brilliant.

VIA here


This video is just awesome. Watch a dam being breached, and a reservoir drained. Amazing footage:

Explosive Breach of Condit Dam from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

VIA here


A short documentary about Dreamworks animators. This fills me with admiration, inspiration, and furious jealousy.

Moonshine : Artists after dark from alexis wanneroy on Vimeo.


Finally, check out these brilliant images from the new book, Science Ink. If I was ever to get a tattoo, it might well be one of these:

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