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Friday 1 October 2010

#82; lots of stuff

Several things have caught my eye recently. Just moved back to Oxford so have been mad busy and not put anything up for a few days, so here it all is:

Firstly, a very cute and clever animation. Very simple idea, done really well. This is sweet:

Le vilain petit carré / The ugly square from Tout Court on Vimeo.

The Guardian released this ad for its film season. 26 films featured, how many can you name? I can get about 15...

Eye Magazine have written a post about some great Aids awareness posters, like this one:
Lots more on the site - go read!

I LOVE these, from Aaron Leighton:

And finally, 
Someone called Johnny Selman is designing a poster every day for a year, based on the day's BBC headline. Appropriately called BBCx365, it started in September and he's already made some great images. Go Look:


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