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Thursday 16 September 2010

#78; Another Mixture

Again, today I'm just going to vomit out a series of things I like. As usual, using this place as an archive of personal favourites as much as anything else. For a slightly more practical post, I've written another post for Wisdom London. Continuing their "ever wondered about..." series. This time, gets the treatment. (previous posts were on Issuu & Android)

The Walls Are Dancing (there's a "Making Of", too):

I've posted similar things to this before, but I love this Hero/Villain series. This one - Batman/Penguin. It's Very clever...

This ad made me smile. I think it's clever, funny, and gets its message across well:

And finally, another ad. Not quite sure how it gets any real message about Samsung across, to be honest, but I do love the video, regardless:

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